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The Halloween Project is an ongoing photo series. I'll be honest, it's probably a topic that I will continue to explore. If not for fans that I have gained over the years, then simply for myself. I enjoy the aspect and challenge of creating. Special Effects have gotten better. Better props, better editing skills, etc.., has all made for a better outcome when it comes to the final image. Plus we have fun. It has never gotten boring. The models we have worked with in shooting this series rock. They get into it, and make it their own personal challenge to see just how much they can get into the character. Once a season is complete we go back to the drawing board and plan the next years work.
I've found that when it comes to models, it takes a certain type of model to make this subject matter work. You have to be into Halloween. Have to enjoy the concept. See things that are dark as an art, not as anything more. Over the years I have had only one models say no to being part of the project. Wanted nothing to do with it. I was never sure if it was step down in what she felt her career was, or if it was more due to her religious views. But I respected her passing on the series. Last year we were unable to shoot every model we had planned to be part of the Halloween Project. Sadly a few of the props took more time to build then we thought it would. It's my hope that this will not be the case for this year or any years following. We've learned our lessons.
As for the concept behind the series. Horror Movie Posters. That's it in a nutshell. I used to see old movies when I was a kid and in books and loved the way they were put together. So the series began with this concept in mind. Now, a few years down the line I've found that the poster idea might fall away. In 2018, I plan on creating only a few of the poster covers. We found that it takes away from the image itself. This gallery covers a wide range of years, from beginning to end.