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Welcome to my new store front where I can sell a few items that I am now creating. At this present time, I am offering what I like to call, Magazine Portfolio's. All that are shown will have follow up issues available in 2019. All sales are through, Blurb. If you don't want to follow these links then simply go to Blurb and enter my full name, Kerry Ray Tfacy. Proceeds from the sales of these items will go to fund my photo series, The Halloween Project. We need to finance further concept shoots to complete a future book version of the series. Questions? Feel free to contact.

FINGERPRINT MAGAZINE. Twice a year publication that showcases up to date photo shoots, and imagery from The Image Factory. Models and MU's are given credits. Sales of Fingerprint is through Blurb. At 32 pages, Number Two is on sale for $13.39. Came out, November of 2018

FILM TO DIGITAL covers black and white work from 1990 to 2018. This is the first of 5 Magazine/Portfolio's. Models are not given credits, an oversight in it's construction. Sales are through, Blurb. Number One, is on sale for $8.49. Came out November of 2018

THE HALLOWEEN PROJECT MAGAZINE, is a teaser to the future book. At 48 pages, the magazine offers a glimpse at the concept series from 2012 to 2018. The process of special effects makeup is also shown by artist Jessica Jinx. Sales are through, Blurb. Number One is on sale for $16.59. Comes out in November of 2018




I would like to personally thank everyone who has bought one of my publications. Sales have been more then I could ever imagine, and seeing as though this is now part of my income, it warms my heart that you like my work enough to buy it. Your emails have me encouraged to do more. This was the best idea I have ever had and all of you have helped a dream come true. Thank you!! Kerry Ray Tracy

In the last year I have been the editor of PHOTOSESSIONMAG. While I didn't own it, I helped produce it. Then in June of 2019, the owners of the print mag, 4Seat Productions, offered me chance of buying them out. I was in the forefront of it's creation, so I felt the want to see the magazine evolve and become something more. It was for this decision that I bought them out and we now own PHOTOSESSIONMAG.

The magazine features the work from Photographers and Artist all over the world. Print Sales are through Blurb Books. We are looking forward to the rest of 2019 and into 2020. This magazine will evolve and become a competitive publication.