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The Concept idea for SESSIONS is quite simple. If you GOOGLE Rollingstone Magazine the idea is pretty much the same.  It takes the most complex person, serious and intense and sets them center stage, be it as they are serious, or the complete polar opposite. It allows those to have fun with the concept of a photo sitting. David Grohl flipping off everyone, Robert Downy Jr in a hoody, Janet Jacksons full frontal with breast being held by hands from behind her. It’s you mugging for the camera, or going all out and wearing a costume, mask, or covered in chocolate sprinkles. It’s the model being completely nude, hair wet, and looking intently at the camera. Close up images of you, and only you, being you. laughing, frowning, smirking, etc…. SESSIONS is you being sexual, enticing, alluring, gross, perverted, concerning, etc.. I want your ideas, your input, then my ideas  and input thrown into yours.

I grew up with Rollingstone and LIFE Magazine. It was always entertaining to see the concept idea on the cover of each issue. I love how they took the simplest ideas and molded them with each person that graced their covers. The font always the same, inner mixed with the image. This is my idea with SESSIONS. Everyone will be part of a magazine cover. Either minus text or throw in a idea for text that will be on your cover. I don’t care. It’s your 2 hours in front of the camera mixed with my ideas.

How does it all work? I invite you, or if you think you fit the modeling mold, then contact me. We then throw ideas at each other, you ransack your closet and find a few outfits and I ransack my props and come up with a few more items. The willing participants need to think of detail. Hair styles, nails, makeup, accessories, etc.. Then we meet at my studio and we shoot a 2 hour set. That's it. Simple and fun! Then a day or two later you are added to the gallery of participants. There is no pay. It is simply you joining me for fun.

So what do I need? Models, non models, interested parties. Female, as well as male. And, let’s be honest. SESSIONS is looking for female models to do a nude set, or semi nude. In complete honesty be at your best and happy with how you look in the nude. This is you being you, and if you are not comfortable, then it will show. I need models who are willing to be covered in paint, chocolate drizzled, stickers, dirt, cotton balls, silly string,………the ideas are endless. You can smoke during a SESSION, you can drink, you can eat a hot dog in a bun, eat or wear an ice cream cone. Age doesn’t matter, well at least 18, and it would be more then cool if you did a double set with a friend. Have fun with this. Be creative with this.