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The new, News is that I have begun the process of cutting off ties with parts of Facebook that have become troublesome. Namely the "pages" that they allow you to add to your FB accounts. While it has garnered me quite a few fans, it has also gotten me banned from FB on more then one occassion. Pages, one down fall is that it doesn't allow you to prevent trolling and abusive viewers. Another problem is that I didn't like how everyone knew my business outside of my art. So I set almost every page I ever created to be deleted. Takes up to 14 days to go into effect, just in case you change your mind, but I won't be. I have since created a new FB that is totally devoted to my work and nothing else. I'm gaining old and new friends on it, plus I am able to monitor who views my work. With taking control of my life on FB, I have also re-tooled some of this website. This is how a website usually works. You create it, let it stand on it's own for 3 to 5 years then you begin tweaking the site, let that go a year, eventually creating a new site. So this little tweak will last until next year, then a new site will begin.

My studio, 5th Light, is no more. I've closed its doors forever. Why? Because I'll be honest. My day job eats up all of my time and what time I do have free is spent working on my art. And to be very honest, I wasn't making any money at it. I was giving away more services then raking in money from it. People, friends, were taking advantage of me. So out of respect for myself, I ended the studio. No more Weddings, Seniors, Family Portraits, etc...It's all over. This isn't to say I don't want to make money from my art. I would love to do contract work with a solid client. But not in the area that I once shot in. So now what? My concentrating on being an artist is most important. I have also created, The Image Factory, that incorporates my skills as a photographer, those of my youngest daughter, as well as her skills at doing special effects and the talents of a few of our friends and models. The photoshop creations I've done is part of the work we've done, plus The Halloween Project series. I'm happier doing this type of photo work over anything I would ever be doing in a commercial sense.

Ticker.......Tumblr is announcing new restrictions and rules. These will take effect soon, if they have not already. To view work on Tumblr you now have to be logged into your account to see anything on Tumblr. Or at least that is the plan. I hate when they change a good thing. So that being said. I am going to create a photo Ticker on this website, much like, my Tumblr. It will be updated much more then my other galleries. It will contain both new and old work. I hope to have this in place by next week after the 4th of July.

The Rapture Gallery. Plans have changed. It will not be created on this website. It became way too confusing. So the new plan is to create a new website. Just not sure what it's titled will be. Target date for it will be 2018. I'm too busy for it right now and to be honest I would like it to have new work on it.

SESSIONS Online Magazine. It's deadline was June 28th. But due to my being sick, as well as scheduling times with models, the new issue is late. Target date for the new issue is Jully 22nd. It hasn't went away. It will happen.

K R Tracy

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