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Just a few changes to my website. Namely that I have added, NEWS page. See it as for a variety of reasons. I actually have fans of my work, as well as stalkers, and a few haters. So, we all are happy here. Plus, I'm spending less time on Facebook these days so it's an easy way to inform all viewers of my work. First bit of news is, I eliminated my erotic website, The Rapture Gallery. The original plan was to refurbish the website, it was a 10 years old, but juggling this site, as well as my online magazine, SESSIONS, the answer was an easy one to make. So I let it go. Good decision. BUT, the downside is I have a collective of past images that need to be seen. So I will instead incorporate The Rapture Gallery into this website.

Second bit of news, I have a new project, possibly a new studio that I am excited about, The Image Factory. It's a huge step towards the area of photography that I have always wanted to direct my energy in, Photographic Art. The Image Factory is compiled more of a team, then just me. The plan is to draw in a variety of artist and assistance to complete over the top photo shoots and kickass imagery. The recent photoshop laden images I have produced is a prime example. A few of them had a team behind it to complete. I love this type of positive energy to work within. You have no idea. The Image Factory will help in producing images for The Halloween Project, SESSIONS, as well as future composite work. Everyday we are working on elements to make this happen for 2017. Want to be part of it? Simply get in touch with me. I need MUA's, Hairstylist, and models.

Third,....SESSIONS will go on. Yes! The January release date for the newest online publication came and went. A lot is happening in my personal life right now that is getting in the way. But the magazine is far from gone. I'm working on the 2017 issue. My hope is for a April release. SESSIONS will take on more of an actual website design verses the limitations and time restrictions that an online magazine poses. I'm bad at deadlines. So the new look will be more of a standing website with notices, when an update to it is up and running. Again, if you want involved then please contact.

That's all the news I have for now. Thanks for your time everyone.

K R Tracy 3/2017