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NOW is a new photo series that features my latest work. For the last year or more I have spent time re-editing my older work, restructuring my portfolio and digging deep into Photoshop. The NOW Photo Series, is my getting out after a long hiatus and working again. The premise is dramatic portraits that incorporate a mix of photoshop, manipulation, filters, air brush, tonal contrast, of this series would be considered general photography. The concept is to over do everything. The model literally puts themselves into our hands to see what we can create around them. A select set of images can be found on my alternate WiX website, while the full set will be put together in a 140 page book, with a 2020 release date. Sales are through Blurb Books.

I am looking for models, both Male and Female. You don't have to be a pro or even semi pro model to be part of this project series. In fact I would love to have a variety of people sign up to do this. If you want is to be part of something and have your images in a book, then please contact me. My location is in the US, Kansas to be exact. My location is Lawrence, but our plan is to travel to areas within Kansas City, Kansas, Kansas City, Missouri, and possibly a few states outside the area. Contact me by email.

Additionally, this series would love to include models who have in the last few years retired from modeling and are looking to pose once more. I would love for you to come out of retirement and be part of this. There are so many beautiful models out there that I would love to work with and make them part of this series. Please contact me.

If you are not into the look of digital manipulation, over filtering, air brushed imagery, then this series is not for you. Just an honest FYI.