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 For 2019, there will be a few changes. This website will either be pushed to a backup site, demolished, or rebuilt once again. I have tried WIX sites and while they are a pretty good site, it lacks the speed that this site does. A page and or images take a few minites to fully download. This could be due to my having a free site and less bandwidth, or that this is how WIX is in general. My old site moves a lot quicker. A lot!! So the search goes on. I am also looking into new wesbite design tools through Adobe. So we will see.

 I have a fan base, and while it is small, they do communicate with me a lot. I love this and helps with motivation to go a step forward each day. So you are very much appreciated, thank you!! A few contacted me about why my images have deminished on Instagram and Fetlife. The easy answer is that on Fetlife, the work I have on this is the same that I will have in my book, The Wicked that comes out in 2019. I am re-editing and also first time editing images that have never been seen. So it made sense to reduce or maybe even deactivate the account to give my book a chance. It's all good. I don't really shoot this imagery any longer so walking away from Fetlife was easy. Updates to my nude and erotic work can be found on my Twiter.

As for my Instagram being almost 300 images less, I did this intentionally. The older work was either deleted or archived. My style has changed so drastically, that leaving the old stuff up was becoming fustrating. All my Instagram accounts will now have no more then 500 images, 800 at the most. Very few actually go down past maybe 40 images. So having a lot on there just became stupid. Currently all my profiles are now private. While this isn't great if you want followers. I would rather have honest followers then those using me. So private is the way to go for now. Plus my work is being swiped and my watermark removed, so it just works best to keep all of them locked up.

2019, will be a year to getting back to shooting. In 2017 and 2018, I took a step back from doing a lot of shooting, to concentrate more on learning Photoshop, as well as a few other editing programs. I think you can see this in my work. I also took time off to become and editor of SESSIONS. While I am still learning everyday something new when it comes to Photoshop, it's time to get back to shooting. I am only down to be the editor of the new magazine, PHOTOSESSIONMAG, for two issues. I have my own personal publications I am now creating and self publishing. FINGERPRINT Magazine would be one such publication. This means getting back out and shooting again. I have models set to work with plus I am scouting out more.

I'm currently looking for studio space. So if you know of a location, mayeb an old warehouse space, approx,..20' by 30' and high ceilings, please contact me. We're excited to create new work. This time around I have more then just me, so this will be fun.

See you all in, 2019!!

Kerry Ray Tracy

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