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The big news, least wise for this site, is that I am re-tooling and updating, with the intention of drawing this website to a close. I'm not retiring or walking away from photography or art in anyway, just the opposite. But most of the new "direction" won't be shown here, other then a link to a new website, plus my WIX website. All the galleries will be loaded with images that represent a mix of my work, each showing various styles. Once I complete it, there will be no more work added, new or old. The website will be retired. I will add print magazine updates with links to but them. But for the most part the website will be closed down. The domain name will remain the same.

Not many photographers these days design websites from scratch. This site is designed using a very old program. In fact it's so old that it's no longer made. Throw in that I build all my own graphics, which takes great deal of time and effort, and you have yourself a lengthy amount of creating going on that could be made faster with new opportunities. WIX and a few other photo sites offer the chance to make my work a lot easier. So this is the plan.

That's the big earth shattering news. I love this website. I've had it for many years. But it takes a lot to keep it up and frankly I would like a fresh new start. This is an end to a new beginning,.....I hope!! K R Tracy