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There is a lot to pass along here, quite a few changes coming up. So I will try and line them all out for you. First off would be this site. Very soon here in 2019, there is the plan to basically tie all the lose ends up on this site and then seal it off from updates, and adding any work. The reason is that I have a few plans in the works that would make this program obsolete. There is a master plan, I just don't feel at this time it can be shared, until we have everything set in place. I'm making changes in my personal life as well as my art, so it's all a good thing, changes I have sat down with and thought hard on. All I will say is that it's a huge NEW beginning and one that I need.

Second, I have been the editor and creator of the publication, SESSIONS Online Magazine and the editor of PHOTOSESSIONMAG for the last few years. In 2018, SESSIONS came to an end and in 2019, the magazine morphed into the print mag, PSM. PSM, was in partnership with, 4Seat Productions. At the end of 2019, I will finish up with the last issue, and cut ties with the magazine. I appreciate all I have gained from being a creator of magazines and the editor, but it's time to work on my own career instead of the career of others. In August of 2019, SESSIONS Tribute will come out, which will highlight the photo series turned online mag, 2014 to 2018. 80% of it will feature my work with models and the series, and 20% of it will be what it became, in 2016. Then in September the photo series will be resurrected with new models. Sales of the tribute issue will be through, Blurb.

Additionally, in 2020, my two issue magazine, Fingerprint Magazine will evolve into Issue Three, with work from the new series, SESSIONS, as well as other work I have produced that is new. The twist will be that for one year, Fingerprint will become a super group magazine. I will select a group of artist that will appear in every issue with me. These will be set artist and chronicle a year with the magazine and the work they create in that year. Early plans are set at 4 to 6 issues. Sales through Blurb.

These are the changes I am able to share so far. 6/2019

Kerry Ray Tracy