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The Modeling Page provides information on upcoming shoots I have planned, as well as projects that I need particular type model for. Please feel free to read over the listed items and if you are interested in being part of a project then please feel free to email me.

I’m resurrecting an old series, an old technique, that used to encompass my Fine Art Nude Work. Problem is I need a model/muse. What I am thinking is that for this series I need a model who would be considered an amateur. You would work exclusively with me, no one else, doing a series of shoots over a 6 month period. Once the project is complete you could go on and work with other photographers. The reason for being “exclusive?” I need a model who is willing to make a creative connection and being dedicated to the work we do. No other distraction. Said Model/Muse would have to be comfortable with nudity. I want someone who is ok with being nude for an extended period in any given circumstance.
Gender: Female’s ONLY!!!
Age: 21 to 45
Weight: HWP
Height: 5’ to 6’
Race: Open to all

Just a few to Full Body

Same as Tattoos. As long as it lends itself to beautification

Real or Implants, I’m more then ok with either. Size is not important, but structure and curve is.

NONE. Would prefer Amateur. My idea is to mold the model into the type I need to work with.
Semi Pros are also considered.

ZERO! I cannot be more direct then this. There is zero pay to this endeavor. This is a starving
Artist project. The funds just are not there to pay the model for this. The drive to do this would be to be part of
a project, with nothing more then a trade for edited images. That and exposure.
Requirements: Comfort with being Nude. Again I cannot line this part out enough. You HAVE to be comfortable
being nude around me, or this will not work. If we shoot on a location and it requires a hit and run shot, ( you
get in position and drop your robe when I say its clear of anyone seeing), then you would have to be able to do
this. In most cases you will be fully nude to at various times, semi nude. The series is built around fine art nude as
well as erotic. Model would have to know makeup and hair techniques. Experience in dance is a plus.
This is a very new project and one that is close to my heart. Due to personal issues it has been side tracked a few times. I’m in need of both Male and Female models. I’m wanting to shoot, Pro’s, Semi Pro’s, and even Amateurs if they fit the criteria I need as a model. I hate to say it but looks are important. I have included a link to the SESSIONS info page if you might be interested.
I’m looking to shoot a series of these. The first will be the Embassy in Overland Park, Ks. The plan is to do a 2 to 3 model set. If that doesn’t workout then it will be a one on one with model. The shoot entails, Lingerie and Semi nudes, to full nude. I need models to dig through their lingerie and see what they would like shot in. The hotel room itself would be the set. Yes, you can bring someone for support.
If this shoot works out well then I will  begin shooting at various hotels starting in 2018.
Forever and always. BUT…………it takes a certain type of model to really do PIN UP. Plus my version of PIN UP is considered Modern PIN UP. I don’t do the cheesy old look stuff. It’s cool stuff but simply not my type of PIN UP!!! Female Models ONLY!
Contact me for shoot ideas in this criteria, if interested in being part of it. Most of the slated shoots entail, Impersonal Imagery.