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I've added a one page addition to my website, Studio Services. The need arose as I began to get more and more request to go back and shoot general commercial work. But a few wanted to see samples so I added the page. Currently I pay for advertising on a few other public formats, so it made since to do it here as well. I would rather shoot the more photoshop infused composite work, but would never say no to an opportunity to make money shooting any type of photography. As I say on the page, contact me for details.
Yes! I'm joining Patreon. In 2014, I took down The Rapture Gallery and a few months later my paysite, On the Edge. Both websites, received over 500 hits a day. So, it made since to join Patreon. I know of many photographers and artist who making a pretty good income from it. I want to try my hand at it. The work will cover my Adult Erotic and X-rated work. Ranging from semi nudes, nudes, erotic, fetish, to adult. Almost every model I shot with, that was part of these areas, will be shown. Old work to new work. 1992 to present. Cost will be on the low side to begin. I hope you come by and help to support my work.

So, about a day or so ago I added on my Blog here that I was fully ready to try my hand at Patreon. The page exist, I've worked on images for it, have my tiers ready to go, Paypal prepared for a new flow of income. But then,....I few photographer friends pulled me aside and we had a down to earth about it. Everyone has had mixed results on it. Plus the photographers I know who are more artist then commercial see it as selling out. So I was torn. What do I do? Do I launch, do I dump it, is it worth it? After watching a ton of pros and cons on Youtube, I have decided to hold off my launching and instead try what many have asked me to try first. DIRECT SALES. Here is how it works. For a fee, I have two packages or let's call the tiers as Patreon does, that contain my work. You pay the fee via, Paypal or Venmo, and I then in turn send the packages through Dropbox. Dropbox is free and they have an app. The file to Dropbox is open for 24 hours, then it is closed. So you have 24 hours to retrieve your image package. Currently I have two packages, which will contain Random Mix images. All images are copyright tagged. Very few of the images are seen online, most of what I have is work that has not been seen. For now the assortment is mixed. If this proves fruitful then I will then make a package of photo sets and videos. Two packages, one of my fully edited nude work and the other is my Adult Erotic work. $10. for 10 nudes images or $20. for 12 Adult Erotic images. Details are available in the link below. If this venture proves out then I may or may not launch the Patreon page. I want to know my fan base is solid enough to warrant sales. Hope to do business with you.