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After creating numerous websites devoted to my art, as well as photo sites, I've now come to the point where I'm stumped as to what I should or should not say about myself. I could go on and on about how my career has had it's starts and then abrupt stops. Or how I went blind in one eye, that temporarily ended my being a photographer. But alas, I'm really tired of repeating the same tired story. So here is what I will say....................

I've been a artist/photographer since the early 90's. My work has been published in two books, periodicals, newspapers and magazines, both print and online. While I started out in film and darkroom processing, I now only shoot digitally due to being blind in my right eye. I have CSR, that caused permanent damage. All work from 2006 to present is shot using my left eye. These days my work revolves around concept and composite photography. I am a Photoshop and Corel Nerd.

I rarely if ever discuss the equipment I use, other then I will say, I shoot with Nikon and find Fujifilm cameras interesting.

No! I don't shoot the typical idea of a model. I search out women who are inexperienced and have normal bodies. I love models who see my vision and want to help with getting it completed. I wrote this a few years ago, and will my view point on this remains, I am not opposed to working with pro models.

Personal info: I live in Kansas, but find the thought of living out my last years in Australia appealing. I love to read about it, and enjoy the thought. I'm single and really ok with that, although.....if you are actress, Anna Torv or look like her, give me a call. Extremely attracted to her. LOL

. That's me. If you have any questions then please feel free to email and ask.

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I self publish and sell the following magazines through Blurb Books. PHOTOSESSIONMAG is my most popular publication and rarely if ever has my own work in it. (This is mainly due to not having enough time to shoot) PSM highlights photographers both National and International. See my Store Front for more info. The other publications are magazines featuring my work solely.