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12th Street "Under the Bridge" Car Show. May 2013

. First off, my work is not the product of a group of people. It's a product of me, as an artist. In the past I tried making it a business and going the route of many photographers before me. In the end it came down to the fact that my work, my art, is based around me, Kerry Ray Tracy. So no longer will I be any part of anything but the work I create. 5th Light is simply a studio I work within.

Want to hire me? Great! I'm still doing most of what I have always done. Nothing has changed. So what do I offer? I still do Events, Public Relations, Bands, Promotionals, and just a few Weddings. Plus I am also trying to get interest in a special form of Personal Portrait called, Sessions. You dress in anything you want or don't want, and we shoot a serious session between the two of us. I hope to have a few examples up soon to show everyone. The basic point is, I'm not going anywhere. I'm simply running the show now as who I am, Kerry Ray Tracy.

Are my images manipulaed? Yes they are! That's part of my art. If you don't like it then my best advice is to get another photographer. I make no bones about the fact that I dig deep into photoshop. The finished image will look like a version of you, but have filters and everything else thrown at it. The fun begins at the shoot and doesn't end until the final image is edited. So if you are not into my art, then there is no reason to work together.

Last but not least......I'm located in Kansas!